I don’t have a green thumb. But just as I like watching a dance performance even thou I’m a terrible dancer, I love plants. To be honest, at first, I really wasn’t sure of the idea of the terrarium – it just didn’t seem natural. Isn’t it almost abuse to confine them in such narrow space? But then, any domestication of animals or plants by humans is in a similar category. One just needs to be loving and considerate about the way one does it. (Although, try to stick with an open-top terrarium. A closed-top terrarium is hard to maintain, and also it just doesn’t feel right.)

– glass container
– rocks or pebbles
– potting soil
– moss
– decorative figurines (optional)

1. Go from big to small when it comes to filling: rocks at the bottom, moss in the middle, the soil at the top.
2. Fill with about 1″ height of soil, and put in the succulent(s). Don’t overcrowd it. Fill around the succulent roots and up until the height of the soil layer is about 2″ high. (If the soil layer is too thick, it won’t drain well)
3. Decorate with moss again at the top if you want to, also with figurines of your choice. (Ours was a little ninja figure that was a reward after baby’s dentist visit.)